"I have been a customer of WebHarmony from the very beginning. The creativity, attention to detail and customer service have always been top-notch. WebHarmony also ensures that our site stays current in terms of appearance and features. WebHarmony is always the first place I mention for any organization interested in developing or enhancing their presence on the Internet."
John D. Spencer , Vice President & COO
Victory Housing, Inc.

"Working with Pat Sheehan of WebHarmony, LLC has been a great experience. He is not only knowledgeable but very customer service focused. His insights are always helpful and his ability to deliver has always been timely and done in a professional manner. I feel very fortunate to have Pat Sheehan of WebHarmony, LLC serve as our website designer and provider of hosting services. I would most certainly recommend him to any organization looking to add a professional to support their internet business."
Carol Jackson, Executive Director
Falls Church Housing Corporation

"I want to thank you for your outstanding service. Your prompt and careful attention has provided us with a superb web site. We have received a wealth of positive feedback as a result of your dedication and hard work. We are all so happy to have you as our webmaster and look forward to many years of collaboration!"
Greg Keochakian, Executive Director
Hospice of the Fisher Home

"WebHarmony has been an effective partner in helping us get out our message through our website. They respond quickly when we need to update the site and are able to explain and communicate technical jargon into standard english."
Martin Mellett, Director
Community Development Support Collaborative

"We've loved working with WebHarmony. When we call in changes (which we do a lot) they appear almost immediately."
Mosi Harrington, Executive Director
Housing Initiative Partnership, Inc.

"I have had the pleasure of working with Pat Sheehan for over 3 years and he has been very creative and responsive to our needs. When it was time to redesign our organization's website, he had great ideas that made the website easy for our members to navigate and for me to update web pages. As our organization has grown and our services have become more complex, Pat has been able to find cost-effective solutions that worked well. WebHarmony has provided full service maintenance and web design to our organization for many years and we look forward to continuing our relationship for many more years to come."
Lydia B. Clark, Executive Director
Maryland Affordable Housing Coalition

"Working with Pat Sheehan of WebHarmony, LLC is a real joy! Pat is incredibly knowledgeable and so responsive - two things you really want from your IT professional. He not only has great information and cutting edge insight to share, but has consistently delivered creative ideas in helping our organization to make the most of our website. With the ever-changing world of technology, it can be a little overwhelming at times but Pat always puts things in easy-to-understand terms. I feel very fortunate to have Pat Sheehan of WebHarmony, LLC serve as our webmaster and IT professional. As such, I highly recommend him for any organization looking to maximize the scope and reach with their website."
Kim Fry, Executive Director
Maryland Affordable Housing Coalition

"You are terrific! Why would anyone use any vendor other than WebHarmony?"
Michelle Krocker, Executive Director
Northern Virginia Affordable Housing Alliance

"Our small non-profit organization uses WebHarmony to design and maintain our website. We had very little knowledge in our staff about how to go through this process so it was very important that we find someone we could trust to guide us and help us make decisions. It has been a pleasure to work with WebHarmony."
Margie Chalofsky, Director
Foster & Adoptive Parent Advocacy Center

"WebHarmony has designed and hosted three web sites for our organization, each with a very different target audience. WebHarmony continues to be very responsive to our need to keep the sites' appearance and content fresh. Each site has been very well-received, and we are pleased that the response to each has exceeded our expectations. In the near future, we plan to turn to WebHarmony to design, develop and host a third website."
Helen DuPont, Executive Director
Institute For Behavior and Health

"Over the years, the needs of our organization have changed and WebHarmony has been able to help us every step of the way in communicating with our membership. They definitely keep up with the changing technology and keep our look 'fresh.' We are very proud of our website and receive very positive feedback from all who use it. Thank you WebHarmony for 8 years of great help and service."
Sandra Poole, Executive Director
United Public Employees

"We have been working with Patrick Sheehan for about 20 years. Wow, was there even an internet back then? Patrick (WebHarmony) has helped us every step of the way through all our businesses. He has ALWAYS been there for us - through good times, but especially during the times we struggled.

Patrick Sheehan (and WebHarmony) are the epitome of extraordinary customer service. They are unbelievably responsive and go out of their way to look out for our best interests at all times. Working with Patrick has always been an absolute pleasure. We strongly recommend WebHarmony. It doesn't get better than this."
Paul and Patti Kreins, Owners
Positive Business Results

"Even though I have met Pat Sheehan only once, I can say that he always provides us with service with a smile! He has been our webmaster for as long as we have had a website and has helped us redesign our site three times to keep it current and fresh looking. He has great ideas and wonderful technical skills to implement the ideas, and he is always quick to turn around any needed updates. I would highly recommend him to anyone who has web needs of any kind. It's hard to beat that service with a smile!"
Christina Moore, Director of Operations
Alexandria Housing Development Corporation

"I've worked with Pat Sheehan of WebHarmony for over 7 years and it has been a pleasure. Pat is responsive, reliable and a great addition to your team. If your organization does not have the capacity to bring your website and IT needs in house, WebHarmony is the company for you. Pat provides worry-free website maintenance as well as expert website design. Pat is a trusted problem-solver, advisor and he will make sure you are a happy customer!"
Jill Norcross, Executive Director
HAND from 2005-2012

Choose the ONLY web design and host firm to be featured in The Washington Post for providing continuous service to its customers during the blizzard of '00.   Thanks to our redundant hosting measures and our dynamic switching technology, we kept our clients' sites updated and online throughout the duration of the storm.